About Me

Chris Sidnell Scuba Instructor

Always looking for an adventure, in June of 2005, I paid a visit to my local dive shop and inquired about taking scuba diving lessons.  Little did I know, that initial visit would lead me to where I am in diving today.  The shop owner kept me on track to work my way from open water diver to Divemaster and then to Instructor, which I achieved in 2007.

Being a firm believer in continuing education, I worked hard to become a certified instructor in as many PADI specialties as I could.

In 2010, I started working on my next diving challenge; Technical Diving.  I was lucky to have met my initial Tech instructor while going through my PADI IDC.  After finishing my initial technical dive training, I spent the next 2 years training in the warm waters of the Atlantic, off the Coast of Florida.  I was lucky enough to obtain my technical training through a very knowledgable instructor that, to this day, continues to challenge me to continue learning and expanding my horizon in the field of technical diving.  I received my advanced Trimix certification through TDI in 2010 and I completed my tech instructor certification through TDI in 2011. Recently, I have also received my instructor certification through SDI.

Teaching individuals how to dive or assisting divers achieve their next level of ceritication through continuing education is one of the greatest pleasures I have.


  1. Exercise
  2. Dive, Dive, Dive
  3. Always continue to increase your dive knowledge

PADI MSDT 199829

TDI  16570

SDI  16570

Scuba Latina 2